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What do successful VC’s Marc Andreessen, Reid Hoffman, Peter Thiel and Fred Wilson have in common?   Their insights are on vcessence.com.

“…there are so many basic questions that founders and entrepreneurs need to have answered and there’s no real place to look for those – I mean you can find scattered blog posts here and there but what if we studied each of these questions, looked at everybody’s differentanswers…”   Jason Calacanis, Founder LAUNCH [1]

No real place until now.

"I think trusted curation is the future.”   Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur [2]

“[] the way you build a brand and reputation these days is by serving the entrepreneurial community.”  Naval Ravikant, CEO AngelList [3]


VCEssence helps entrepreneurs make more lucrative decisions by learning the wisdom of today’s most successful, savvy and influential technology investors. 

“We aggregate, curate and edit the killer content that helps entrepreneurs succeed.”

VCEssence is an easy-to-navigate on-line resource.  We aggregate, curate and edit valuable content authored by some of today’s most successful technology investors – among the world’s best.   The result is what those investors think regarding critical strategic and tactical topics.  Our “killer content” provides access to their insights, advice and wisdom including lessons from success and failure. 

VCEssence is the ‘must-visit’ solution that enables entrepreneurs to make more informed decisions, thereby helping them build breakthrough companies and technologies.  What startup wouldn’t want to know what the greatest investors think of all things startup, and use that knowledge to increase the odds of success and reduce the risk of failure? 



Our content addresses over 50 topics vital to entrepreneurs.  These topics are organized under 7 general subject headings including*:

Fundamentals   (20 topics)

Marketing & the Market   (9 topics)

Other 'Stuff'  (5 topics)

People   (20 topics)

Raising Capital   (16 topics)

Start-up Issues   (17 topics)

Success & Failure   (5 topics)

We continue to add valuable content to our site.  See the Topics & Investors page (under About VCEssence) and the pull down folders under the above headings for a complete listing. 


We currently include some 30 investors and continue to find the wisdom from these and, in the future, other successful investors. 

Our investors include:

Marc Andreessen Andreessen Horowitz

Boston Millennia Partners

Brendan Baker Greylock Partners

Jeffrey Bussgang Flybridge Capital Partners

Jason Calacanis LAUNCH

Jeff Clavier SoftTech VC

David Cohen TechStars

Ron Conway SV Angel

Chris Dixon Andreessen Horowitz

Brad Feld Foundry Group

Brian Garrett Crosscut Ventures

Kent Goldman First Round Capital

Bill Gross Idealab

Rob Hayes First Round Capital

Reid Hoffman Greylock

Ben Horowitz Andreessen Horowitz

Josh Kopelman First Round Capital

Mike Maples Jr.  Floodgate

Dave McClure 500 Startups

Jason Mendelson Foundry Group

Howard Morgan First Round Capital

Babak Nivi AngelList and Venture Hacks

Basil Peters Strategic Exits Corporation

Naval Ravikant AngelList and Venture Hacks

Mark Suster Upfront Ventures

Peter Thiel Founders Fund

David Tisch The Box Group

Andy Weissman Union Square Ventures

Fred Wilson Union Square Ventures


[1] Twist (This Week in Startups)  WSGR Startup Basics, Episode: 2006: How to get Press, July 26, 2014

[2]  Shark Tank, ABC Television, April 18, 2014

[3] This Week in Startups#244,  April 6, 2012. 

* topics can appear under more than one general subject heading


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