Angels'-VCs' Needed Skills

What the greatest technology investors say about Angels'-VCs' Needed Skills

Mark Suster: Angels Need Five Skills to Excel

Mark Suster Partner Upfront Ventures and former entrepreneur

Suster identified “[] five skills [angel investors need to excel]”:

1.  “Access to the Best Deal Flow” []

2.  “Domain Knowledge

“[]Domain knowledge [] [is] [well-honed industry knowledge].” “[] It requires domain knowledge to know what you’re talking about and success long term as an angel. [] One of the biggest problems is when “you don’t know what you don’t know.””

3.  “Relationships with VCs

“[] Relationships with VCs [] protect [angel] investments” by taking out angels’ positions. 

4.   “Deep Pockets

A company is either acquired or has an IPO in an average 7-10 years.  Suster says that angels’ deep pockets providing follow-on investments minimize these risks:  dilution, inability to protect good investments and a lack of deal diversity.  “[] [Angels] need to be able to do a large enough number of investments to create enough deal diversity.”  The greater the deal diversity, the lower the risk. 

5. “Access to Buyers”

“[] the best investors influence their end-games through well-cultivated relationships with eventual buyers of their portfolio companies.” [] [Helping] companies exit to the right buyer and importantly at the right time” can be crucial.  Mark Suster, Angel Topics Sept. 14, 2010