Board of Directors

What the greatest technology investors say about Boards of Directors


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BRAD FELD (1 post)

Brad Feld:  Brad Feld:  Tips for Productive Board Meetings


Jason Mendelson:  Investors Only Care About Returns & Control

BABAK NIVI  (1 post)

Babak Nivi:  The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs make when Raising Money

FRED WILSON  (8 posts)

Fred Wilson:  Fred Wilson: Never Seen VC Board Control in Early Stage Deals

Fred Wilson: Options have Board Oversight

Fred Wilson:   Fred Wilson: Board Chair Responsibilities

Fred Wilson:  Fred Wilson: Thoughts on Well-Functioning Boards

Fred Wilson: Fred Wilson:  Board’s Role & Responsibilities

Fred Wilson: Fred Wilson: Board’s Main Job is Providing Strategic Advice  

Fred Wilson: Fred Wilson: The Reality of Founder Control

Fred Wilson: Board Member Chemistry is Critical