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What the greatest technology investors say about Branding & Positioning

The First Rule of Choosing a Brand

Mark Suster Partner Upfront Ventures and former entrepreneur

“The first rule of choosing a brand [] is to figure out the image you want to project.  [Start by defining] the attributes you [want to project] when [people] think about your brand.

[] [Consider] First Round Capital [which most likely chose its name] because [it] wanted to excel at early-stage investing.” 

In sum, a brand’s name should “represent the kind of organization or community you want to build [with] either [] a functional name (i.e. Instagram) or a nonsense name that doesn’t paint you into any particular corner (Twitter) or even a generic name where you fill in the marketing messages to define that brand (Los Angeles).”   Mark Suster, Some Thoughts on Branding Startups and Communities, April 17, 2012;