Control - Founder vs. VC

What the greatest technology investors say about Control - Founder vs. VC


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 CHRIS DIXON (2 posts)

Chris Dixon:  Think of Dilution over the Company’s Life & How Much to Raise

Chris Dixon:  Nothing More Dilutive & Morale-Crushing than a Down Round 


Jason Mendelson:  Investors Only Care about Two Things

Jason Mendelson:  Investors Only Care About Returns & Control

BABAK NIVI  (3 posts)

Babak Nivi:  The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs make when Raising Money

Babak Nivi:  Tips When Raising a Seed Round

Babak Nivi:  The Option Pool Lowers your Effective Valuation


Naval Ravikant:  Valuation is Temporary, Control is Forever

MARK SUSTER (6 posts)

Mark Suster:  Dilution Benchmarks & Fundraising

Mark Suster:  The VC “Squeeze” and Dilution

Mark Suster:  Select the Highest Quality Investor Available

Mark Suster:  Fundraising Terms Pile Up with Later Stage Investors

Mark Suster: VCs Want Big Outcomes & May Block a Sale

Mark Suster:  Early Stage Technology Investments Come Down to 4 'M's'

FRED WILSON  (5 posts)

Fred Wilson:  Fred Wilson: Never Seen VC Board Control in Early Stage Deals

Fred Wilson:  Fred Wilson:  Thoughts on Well-Functioning Boards

Fred Wilson:  Fred Wilson:  Board’s Role & Responsibilities

Fred Wilson: Fred Wilson: The Reality of Founder Control

Fred Wilson:  No One Gets More Diluted than the Founders