Courage & Fear

What the greatest technology investors say about Courage & Fear


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Marc Andreessen:  The Most Important Attribute for Entrepreneurs is Courage


Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha:  Achieve Big Success:  Be Contrarian and Right

PETER THIEL (1 post)

Peter Thiel:  Courage is in Even Shorter Supply than Genius

Achieve Big Success: Be Contrarian and Right

Reid Hoffman angel investor, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman LinkedIn and Partner Greylock & Ben Casnocha entrepreneur

 “Warren Buffett [the acclaimed investor] has a mantra:  “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”  It’s a competitive edge for him. [] In public market investing, as in many things, you achieve big success when you’re both contrarian and right.”    Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha; The Start-up of You book,  pg 183

The Most Important Attribute for Entrepreneurs is Courage

Marc Andreessen Co-Founder and General Partner Andreessen Horowitz, investor and Co- Founder Netscape

Andreessen describes Chris Dixon’s courage. [Dixon is a General Partner Andreessen Horowitz, angel investor and former entrepreneur.]

“Chris started SiteAdvisor in 2005, during the height of the nuclear winter for startups following the dot com bust [] when only the most determined and bull-headed entrepreneurs were starting companies. As my partner Ben [Horowitz] often says, the most important attribute for entrepreneurs is courage, and the founding of SiteAdvisor showed that Chris has it in spades.”  Marc Andreessen blog post 11.19.12;