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Fred Wilson: Hire for Culture & Fit

Fred Wilson venture capitalist and Co-Founder Union Square Ventures

“Some entrepreneurs and CEOs buy into "hire the best talent available" mantra. [] The other approach [Wilson advocates] is [to] hire for culture and fit.

[] Diversity should be a core value of the team building process. [Seek] diversity of thought, experience, mindset, and angle of attack.

Don't hire a token []. But most importantly, hire people who will enjoy working together, who fit well together, who will make each other better. This is what hiring for cultural fit means. [Start] with the founding team and build on top of that.

[][Have] a one pager that outlines the [company’s core values].  [] [Each] new hire should be assessed against [that] framework [for fit].”  Fred Wilson  MBA Mondays: Culture And Fit, May 21 2012;