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What the greatest technology investors say about the Startup Culture


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DAVID COHEN (1 post)

David Cohen: Many Successful People are Deliberate about Randomness

BILL GROSS   (2 posts)  

Bill Gross:  Lessons from Flops

Bill Gross: Balance Entrepreneur's Strengths

DAVE MCCLURE  (1 post)

Dave McClure:  Startup Success Often Boils Down to 2 Things

PETER THIEL (1 post)

Peter Thiel:  A New Company’s Most Important Strength

FRED WILSON  (5 posts)

Fred Wilson:  Sustainability by Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson:  Sustainability:  Short Term Profits vs. Long Term Health

Fred Wilson:  Culture, Values & a Vow to a Great Workplace are Everything

Fred Wilson: Fred Wilson: Hire for Culture & Fit

Fred Wilson: Fred Wilson: The CEO is responsible for hiring