What the greatest technology investors say about Dilution

Do More with Less Before Raising Outside Capital

Brian Garrett Co-Founder and Operating Partner Crosscut Ventures

“[To] increase your chances of success raising capital, it’s do more with less.  It’s get as far as you can on your own dime, on friends and family money [] before [raising] outside capital. That will lead to better valuations [and less dilution]. [] Not every business needs significant capital to hit milestones and be successful. [] [Your] chances of success increase by having hit some really meaningful milestones on your own dime.” Brian Garrett, Seed Capital from Angel Investors: Brian Garrett, Part 10; http://www.sramanamitra.com/2010/11/26/seed-capital-from-angel-investors-brian-garrett-co-founder-and-managing-director-crosscut-ventures-part-10/