What the greatest technology investors say about Exiting

Companies are Bought, not Sold

Josh Kopelman Partner First Round Capital and former entrepreneur

 “I [] believe that companies are not sold. They’re bought.

In every exit I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in – both big (Half.com or Infonautics) and small (Turntide, del.icio.us, Vamoose.com, e-Touch or Snapcentric) – the opportunity to exit was there only because we had begun to build a company that has differentiated technology, a strong team, offers customers real value, demonstrates traction in the marketplace, and/or solves a real need for the acquirer. You can’t build a company to sell it – I’ve never seen it work.”    Josh Kopelman, When the Music Stops… http://redeye.firstround.com/2006/03/as_a_little_kid.html