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Boston Millennia Partners: Early Stage Investing is Far from an Exact Science


Jeffrey Bussgang:  How to Select a Venture Capitalist

Jeffrey Bussgang:   Be Wary of Term Sheet Tactics 

DAVID COHEN  (1 post)

David Cohen: Many Successful People are Deliberate about Randomness

RON CONWAY   (1 post)

Ron Conway:  What Ron Conway Looks For in a Deal

CHRIS DIXON  (8 posts)

Chris Dixon:  How Much Seed Money to Raise

Chris Dixon:  Think of Dilution over the Company’s Life & How Much to Raise

Chris Dixon: Product/Market Fit: The Only Thing that Matters for a Startup

Chris Dixon: Problems Taking Seed Money from Big VCs

Chris Dixon:  Nothing More Dilutive & Morale-Crushing than a Down Round

Chris Dixon: Never Share Your Minimum Valuation Number with Investors

Chris Dixon:  The Company’s Stage: Weighing  Investor Quality vs. Valuation

Chris Dixon:  Tranching Can Create Misalignment of Interests

BRAD FELD  (1 post)

Brad Feld:  Brad Feld: 3 Types of Angel Investors


Brian Garrett: Do More with Less Before Raising Outside Capital

KENT GOLDMAN  (1 post)

Kent Goldman:  Pivoting is One of the Most Critical Challenges

BILL GROSS  (2 posts)

Bill Gross:  Lessons from Flops

Bill Gross:  Balance Entrepreneur's Strengths

ROB HAYES  (3 posts)

Rob Hayes:  Going for Growth vs. Revenue

Rob Hayes:  Successful Entrepreneurs’ Common Trait

Rob Hayes:  Red Flags: Signals Not to Invest


Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha:  What Great Silicon Valley Companies Have in Common

Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha: Focus on Learning over Profitability

Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha:  Success is Fragile - Be Paranoid

Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha:  Smart Adapting & Pivoting

Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha: Pivot to Real Market Need

JOSH KOPELMAN  (3 posts)

Josh Kopelman: The Unwritten Term on the Term Sheet

Josh Kopelman: Companies are Bought, not Sold

Josh Kopelman: High Valuations Can Limit Exit Opportunities


Jason Mendelson:  Investors Only Care about Two Things

Jason Mendelson:  Investors Only Care About Returns & Control

HOWARD MORGAN  (2 posts)

Howard Morgan:  Only 2 Numbers to Know for Internet Businesses

Howard Morgan:  Fail Quick & Cheap

BABAK NIVI  (3 posts)

Babak Nivi:  The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs make when Raising Money

Babak Nivi:  Tips When Raising a Seed Round

Babak Nivi:   The Option Pool Lowers your Effective Valuation

BASIL PETERS  (6 posts)

Basil Peters:  The Exit Strategy is the Most Important Business Plan Element

Basil Peters:  Why VC's Block an Exit

Basil Peters:  Angels Need a 20-25%/yr Return

Basil Peters:  When Can You Sell?

Basil Peters:  How to Maximize the Selling Price

Basil Peters:  How to Ensure There's Alignment on Exit Strategy


Naval Ravikant:  Valuation is Temporary, Control is Forever

Naval Ravikant:  5 Main Qualities of an Exceptional Startup

Naval Ravikant:  Social Proof is Powerful

MARK SUSTER  (12 posts)

Mark Suster:  Be Leary of Too High a Price

Mark Suster:  Fundraising Terms Pile Up with Later Stage Investors

Mark Suster:  Mark Suster:  Angels Need Five Skills to Excel

Mark Suster:  Early Stage Technology Investments Come Down to 4 'M's'

Mark Suster:  Mark Suster's Financing Advice for Entrepreneurs

Mark Suster:  Select the Highest Quality Investor Available

Mark Suster:  Dilution Benchmarks & Fundraising

Mark Suster:  VCs Want Big Outcomes & May Block a Sale

Mark Suster:  The VC “Squeeze” and Dilution

Mark Suster:  Angels vs. Series A vs. Series B Characteristics

Mark Suster:  Successful Entrepreneurs have these Qualities

Mark Suster:  The VC Assumes there’s an Option Pool

DAVID TISCH   (1 post)

David Tisch:  Startups are Constantly Failing


Andy Weissman: Overnight Successes Never Are

FRED WILSON  (17 posts)

Fred Wilson:  Sustainability by Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson:  Hire Slowly & Wisely, not Quickly

Fred Wilson:  Two Rules of Thumb for Early Stage Fundraising

Fred Wilson:  Building the Business First

Fred Wilson:  Sustainability:  Short Term Profits vs. Long Term Health

Fred Wilson:  An Option Pool is about Price

Fred Wilson:  Fred Wilson: Never Seen VC Board Control in Early Stage Deals

Fred Wilson:  Fred Wilson:  Board Chair Responsibilities

Fred Wilson:  Fred Wilson:  Thoughts on Well-Functioning Boards

Fred Wilson:  Fred Wilson:  Board’s Role & Responsibilities

Fred Wilson:  Fred Wilson:  Board’s Main Job is Providing Strategic Advice

Fred Wilson:  Fred Wilson: The Reality of Founder Control

Fred Wilson:  Board Member Chemistry is Critical 

Fred Wilson:  Culture, Values & a Vow to a Great Workplace are Everything

Fred Wilson:  Fred Wilson's Comfort Zones on Fundraising & Valuation

Fred Wilson:  No One Gets More Diluted than the Founders

Fred Wilson:  Wear your Failures as a Badge of Honor