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What's the Magic

Two Rules of Thumb for Early Stage Fundraising

Fred Wilson's Comfort Zones on Fundraising & Valuation

There's No Science to Early Stage Valuation

Building the Business First

Bootstrapping Leads to Great Products & Great Companies

What's the "Right" Monthly Burn Rate

Fred Wilson’s Two Burn Rate Calculations

No One Gets More Diluted than the Founders 

Fred Wilson: The Reality of Founder Control

Fred Wilson: Never Seen VC Board Control in Early Stage Deals

Hire Slowly & Wisely, not Quickly

Culture, Values & a Vow to a Great Workplace are Everything

Where & How to Find Great Talent

Fred Wilson: The CEO is responsible for hiring

Fred Wilson: Hire for Culture & Fit

Management is Relevant when Building Usage

Building Product is about having the Right Team

Fred Wilson Admires Creating Simplicity

Sustainability by Fred Wilson

Sustainability:  Short Term Profits vs. Long Term Health

Fred Wilson:  Board Chair Responsibilities

Fred Wilson:  Thoughts on Well-Functioning Boards

Fred Wilson:  Board’s Role & Responsibilities

Fred Wilson:  Board’s Main Job is Providing Strategic Advice  

Board Member Chemistry is Critical 

Wear your Failures as a Badge of Honor

Social Proof is Nonsense

Determine Option Pool Needs ‘Round to Round’

Option Pool Gets Increased for Subsequent Rounds

Options Don't Vote

An Option Pool is about Price

Options have Board Oversight

The Only Way to Make Money

Great VC’s Care Most About the Company

What Great Entrepreneurs Have

Entrepreneurs Have to Have the Hustle

The Valuation Environment is Tough Today

Why I Believe Twitter Picked Us as their Investor