Investor Selection

What the greatest technology investors say about Investor Selection


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Jeffrey Bussgang: Why Twitter Picked Fred Wilson as its Lead Investor

Jeffrey Bussgang:  How to Select a Venture Capitalist

Jeffrey Bussgang:  Be Wary of Term Sheet Tactics

Jeffrey Bussgang:  Relationship between Option Pool Size & Price

CHRIS DIXON  (2 posts)

Chris Dixon: Problems Taking Seed Money from Big VCs

Chris Dixon:  The Company’s Stage: Weighing  Investor Quality vs. Valuation

BRAD FELD  (2 posts)

Brad Feld:  Brad Feld: 3 Types of Angel Investors

Brad Feld:  How Entrepreneurs can Increase the Chance of Success


Josh Kopelman: High Valuations Can Limit Exit Opportunities


Jason Mendelson:  Investors Only Care about Two Things

Jason Mendelson:  Investors Only Care About Returns & Control

BABAK NIVI  (2 posts)

Babak Nivi:  The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs make when Raising Money

Babak Nivi:  Tips When Raising a Seed Round

BASIL PETERS  (2 posts)

Basil Peters:  Why VC's Block an Exit

Basil Peters:  How to Ensure There's Alignment on Exit Strategy


Naval Ravikant: 5 Main Qualities of an Exceptional Startup

Naval Ravikant:  Social Proof is Powerful

MARK SUSTER  (7 posts)

Mark Suster:  Mark Suster's Financing Advice for Entrepreneurs

Mark Suster:  Mark Suster:  Angels Need Five Skills to Excel

Mark Suster:  Select the Highest Quality Investor Available

Mark Suster:  Dilution Benchmarks & Fundraising

Mark Suster:  Fundraising Terms Pile Up with Later Stage Investors

Mark Suster:  VCs Want Big Outcomes & May Block a Sale

Mark Suster:  The VC “Squeeze” and Dilution

FRED WILSON  (3 posts)

Fred Wilson:  Board Member Chemistry is Critical

Fred Wilson:  Why I Believe Twitter Picked Us as their Investor

Fred Wilson:  Great VC’s Care Most About the Company