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Be Wary of Term Sheet Tactics

Jeffrey Bussgang venture capitalist and General Partner Flybridge Capital Partners and former entrepreneur 

“The term sheet is essentially a preliminary, nonbinding document between the entrepreneur and the VC [summarizing key financing terms].  Some VCs issue a term sheet early [] to lock up the deal – and keep the entrepreneur from going elsewhere []. Entrepreneurs need to be wary of these situations and not be afraid to push the VC to define more clearly whether the term sheet  represents a real commitment or merely a discussion document. [] Most VCs issue a term sheet [] only when they have made a final decision []. [] [Be wary of] the “exploding term sheet” [expiring within 24 hours, which is a red flag].  [] Neither side should pressure the other [].” Jeffrey Bussgang, Mastering the VC Game –A VC Insider Reveals How to get from Start-up to IPO on your terms (book), copyright 2010, pg 127-128