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Considerations when Determining an Exit

Jeffrey Bussgang venture capitalist and General Partner Flybridge Capital Partners and former entrepreneur 

“Timing and [one’s] own personal commitment are both important factors [in determining an exit].  Twitter’s Jack Dorsey gets asked [] - when will Twitter exit?  [Dorsey] explained [] his views on this issue [] that [essentially] the best entrepreneurs don’t focus on the money, they focus on their passion and dream for the business.

“You always have to go back to the question, ‘Is exiting the right thing for the product?’” Jack explained. “There were many times in our history when, technology-wise, we weren’t up to snuff and we could have used more infrastructure. We could have used the resources of a Google or a Facebook or a Yahoo!  But until you feel like you’ve completed some aspects of the vision, it just doesn’t make sense to hand it over.  If you have that idea and you’ve more or less seen the end of it, and now you’re just racking your brain trying to figure out how to push it any further, the product might be better off in the hands of someone else, because you’ve done what you can. That’s basically what it comes down to for me. Are you done? If you are, then exit. If you’re not, keep going for it.”” Jeffrey Bussgang, book Mastering the VC Game –A Venture Capital Insider Reveals How to get from Start-up to IPO on your terms. copyright 2010, pg 195