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Why Twitter Picked Fred Wilson as its Lead Investor

Jeffrey Bussgang venture capitalist and General Partner Flybridge Capital Partners and former entrepreneur

Bussgang discusses why Twitter founder Jack Dorsey picked Union Square Ventures VC Fred Wilson as his lead investor.  Below are story highlights.

Dorsey said, “[] We wanted to be questioned, we wanted to be challenged, and we wanted to see some of their thinking around actually developing this product. [] [Wilson] was very aggressive, in a good way, in a thinking way. [] he was a day-to-day user of our service and he obviously loved it.  He came [] with lots of questions about why we had done what we had done. That helped clarify our thinking [].  [Wilson] could contribute to the product’s vision and direction to help lead the company to success.”

“[]Wilson [] likes to think of himself as the entrepreneur’s consigliere [] with great pattern recognition. “I want to be the person they call when they need some advice. [] we’ve seen all these issues a lot [].[] I’ve observed enough to know what’s happening and interpret it appropriately.””  Jeffrey Bussgang, Mastering The VC Game,   pg  124  125, 114