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 Mike Maples Jr.:  Great Startups Have a Simple Elegance


Dave McClure:   Startup Success Often Boils Down to 2 Things

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Fred Wilson: Fred Wilson Admires Creating Simplicity

Great Startups Have a Simple Elegance

Mike Maples Jr. Founding Partner Floodgate and former entrepreneur

“[Great] startups have a simple elegance to them where you just immediately say, That’s a great idea and I think it’s going to work, and I think this entrepreneur can pull it off.” Mike Maples, Seed Capital From Angel Investors: Mike Maples, Founder And Managing Partner, Floodgate, July, 2010;


Fred Wilson Admires Creating Simplicity

Fred Wilson venture capitalist and Co-Founder Union Square Ventures

Wilson discussed a quality he admires in entrepreneur Joshua Schachter. Schachter founded Delicious a social bookmarking web service out of a server in his closet while working at Morgan Stanley.  “I was immediately struck by the way Joshua looked for lightweight simple ways to do things. He told me that reduction was the key to getting something right.

Delicious was so simple to use. It didn't do much. But what it did do, it did well.”

Wilson admired that quality of creating simplicity.  Fred Wilson, Feature Friday: People Tagging Apr 6 2012;

Startup Success Often Boils Down to 2 Things

Dave McClure angel investor and Founding Partner 500 Startups 

“The ability to get real-time data and feedback is unique to the Internet. [] you can take advantage of that and build better products by collecting real-time usage metrics and by making decisions based on measured user data.

[] What’s really hard is simplifying your product and building a great user experience.

It’s important to start by building a culture of feedback and measured analytics into your process and your organization. [] start-up success often boils down to your ability to do two things: make money and make users happy.  If you can figure out how to do both of those things at scale, then you probably have an interesting business []. Luckily, you can tell if users are happy or not by measuring their behavior.”   Dave McClure, Obsess over Metrics, pg 183-184  Do More Faster  by David Cohen & Brad Feld