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Mark Suster's Financing Advice for Entrepreneurs

Mark Suster Partner Upfront Ventures and former entrepreneur

Financing advice for entrepreneurs:  

“[] 1. Always have a lead [investor], [] [someone] with enough skin in the game []” to mobilize other investors and help “[not] just [] [with] tough times, but for conflict resolution in general.

2. [] [Financing should be] stage appropriate [];

3. [] [Understand] where the VC is at in [his] fund [] [including] when [the] fund was raised, how much capital [] [was] raise[d], how much is allocated, when [it’s] raising [its] next fund and what [its] “reserve” strategy is. []

4. Make sure [] [investors get along] [];

5. Always pitch outsid[e] [investors] for follow-[on] [rounds] [] to [keep] [inside investors] [] honest [];

6.  Always [] [include] value-added angels. []”

Mark Suster, How Many Investors Are Too Many?  February 22, 2011;