Marketing-Market Testing-Product Market Fit

What the greatest technology investors say about Marketing-Market Testing-Product Market Fit

Traction is the Only Thing that Matters to Investors

Brendan Baker Greylock Partners

“Through thousands of pitches, I've found that fewer [than] 5% tell a great traction story. [] But first, let's get one thing straight – [traction] is the only thing that matters to investors[.]  Venture investors invest in momentum. Traction is your story of momentum. It's told through quantified evidence of market demand for your product. []

Broadly, I find traction most convincing in the following order:
- Profitability
- Revenues
- Active users
- Registered users
- Engagement
- Partnerships/clients
- Traffic

But this changes depending on your product and market.”  Brendan Baker, Startups: How to Communicate Traction to Investors, Apr. 5, 2011;