Marketing-Market Testing-Product Market Fit

What the greatest technology investors say about Marketing-Market Testing-Product Market Fit

Develop Customers while Developing Product

Mike Maples Jr. Founding Partner Floodgate and former entrepreneur

“[The] most important thing that angel-backed founders could do to increase their chances of success [is to] do customer development in parallel with product development. [] [Businesses] don’t just create products, they create customers. [I’ll] ask an entrepreneur, What’s your customer creation road map [and how many customers will you have created this time next year?] [] A lot of people think customer development is interviewing customers or spending time with customers.  In my view, you’re trying to create customers just like you’re trying to create product, and you create them at the same time.”  Mike Maples, Founder And Managing Partner, Floodgate, July, 2010;