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Overnight Successes Never Are

Andy Weissman venture capitalist and Partner  Union Square Ventures 

“These things often times look like overnight successes but they never are. About a year ago I was at a conference and Dennis Crowley the founder of Foursquare was at the conference and Foursquare at the time was maybe two years old.  And someone [] [asked] Dennis [] how does it feel to be [] an overnight success [] [with] millions of users [].  And Dennis said actually [he’s] been working on it for 15 years, and 13 of those were failures before [he] got to the last 2 years, so it hasn’t been an overnight success.”  Andy Weissman , #startupstories: Failure @ .10 min into video, Published on Sep 10, 2012 ; NewYorkTech Meetup #Startup stories ,;