What the greatest technology investors say about the Pivot

Better To Be in Front of a Big Change than Behind It

Reid Hoffman angel investor, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman LinkedIn and Partner Greylock & Ben Casnocha entrepreneur

 “Plan A is what you’re doing right now. [] Within a Plan A you make minor adjustments as you learn; you iterate regularly.”

“[] [Should] you decide you need to make a bigger change, that’s when you pivot to Plan B. [] It’s changing direction or changing your path to get somewhere based on what you’ve learned along the way.”

“How do you know when to pivot from Plan A [] to a Plan B? [] You’ll rarely know for sure when to pivot or when to persist in what you’re doing.  In general, a lesson from the technology industry is that it’s better to be in front of a big change than to be behind it.  But the question of when to shift exactly is a question of both art and science, intuitive judgment combined with the best feedback or data you can collect []. [Expect] both good luck and bad luck along the way that will open and close unexpected windows of opportunity.

The common presumption is that you shift to Plan B when something isn’t working.  That’s frequently the case but not always. What you’re doing now doesn’t have to be failing for it to make sense to shift. [] If you find that the grass really is greener somewhere else, go there!”  Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha, book The Start-up of You, pg 58, 68, 70-71