What the greatest technology investors say about the Pivot

Successful Entrepreneurs have these Qualities

Mark Suster Partner Upfront Ventures and former entrepreneur

 Suster believes successful entrepreneurs have these qualities:  “1. tenacity, the most important [].  2. street smarts []” including “[] know[ing] [] how customers buy and how to excite them [], [an ability to] spot opportunities that aren’t being met and [] design products to meet these needs. []”. “3. ability to pivot []” which “[] might just be a totally different business model.[]”  “4. resiliency  []. 5. inspiration [].  6. perspiration [].  7. willingness to accept risk []. 8. attention to detail [].  9.  competitiveness []. 10. decisiveness []. 11. domain experience []. 12. integrity  []”.    Mark Suster, Entrepreneur DNA, December 15, 2009;http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com/entrepreneur-dna/ What Makes an Entrepreneur (2/11) – Street Smarts December 16, 2009


What Makes an Entrepreneur (3/11) – Ability to Pivot December 17, 2009





Great Entrepreneurs Pivot

Mark Suster Partner Upfront Ventures and former entrepreneur

 “Great entrepreneurs pivot.  Evan Williams [] and David Sacks are great entrepreneurs.”  Williams was a co-founder of Odeo a predecessor to Twitter.  Sacks originally founded Geni.com which beget Yammer, a business social network. Yammer was purchased by Microsoft in 2012 for $1.2 billion. Mark Suster What Makes an Entrepreneur (3/11) – Ability to Pivot, December 17, 2009; http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com/2009/12/17/what-makes-an-entrepreneur-310-ability-to-pivot/

Probably 95% of Successful Businesses Pivot

Jason Calacanis entrepreneur and angel investor

“[] It’s probably 95% of successful businesses pivot.  Nobody gets it right the first time.  By definition because if your first idea is your best idea, then you’re probably not a very dynamic entrepreneur, right?  If you say [] when I was 25 years old [I] came up with my best idea, and I didn’t have another great idea for the next 20 years of my career, something is wrong.”  Jason Calacanis, TWiST Meetup, London vs. Berlin - TWiST #270 @ 45 min., Published on Jun 29, 2012; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_6h8XWfUO8