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How to Maximize the Selling Price

Basil Peters angel investor and Principal Strategic Exits Corporation

 “There are several ways to maximize the final selling price [exit value]: 1. Structural value increase  2. Illuminating strategic value 3. Capitalizing on Inefficient Markets  4. Maintaining multiple bidders 5. Sales and negotiating skill.    

Structural value increase often [] can increase the final selling price by 10 to 15% [and] can be balance sheet changes, asset vs. share sales [etc.]. 

Illuminating strategic value [] often creates the largest fundamental increase in selling price.  It’s not actually creating strategic value, it usually has to be there already. [It] very often has to be illuminated for the potential buyers [].

Capitalizing on inefficient markets.  Markets for selling a business, especially for under $100M are very inefficient:  Information is difficult to access, there are [few] buyers, the market is illiquid [and] often very few[are] for sale [] [which favors sellers]. 

Always have multiple bidders [] to improve the probability of closing [and] to maximize the price. [Three is optimal.] 

Selling and negotiating skill [] can increase the final price by 50% or more.

[] When the exit process is well planned and professionally executed[,]  the exit date and exit valuation are both reasonably predictable.”  Basil Peters, Maximizing Exit Value, Angel Capital Association Annual Summit Workshop Apr. 15, 2009;  pg 18-25