Social Proof

What the greatest technology investors say about Social Proof

Social Proof: From “Best to Worst”

Naval Ravikant angel investor, Co-Founder AngelList and Venture Hacks and former entrepreneur

 “In the AngelList context, social proof, in order of best to worst:

·         A top-tier investor is publicly willing to invest in this round [], and this is either their first investment [], or they are doing more than their "pro-rata" in this round [on the same terms as new investors]

·         A less well known investor is investing under the criteria above

·         A top-tier entrepreneur or advisor is recommending your company and is throwing their time and reputation behind it

·         A less well known entrepreneur or advisor is recommending your company

·         A close relative is willing to loan you their lunch money

·         An investor is choosing not to invest in your company and is making the introduction for you.”  Naval Ravikant, What is good social proof?  Aug. 19, 2010;