Social Proof

What the greatest technology investors say about Social Proof

Social Proof : Surround Yourself with Great People

David Cohen Founder and CEO TechStars, angel investor and former entrepreneur

“Part of the game has always been [to] surround yourself with great people [and] have great supporters that help you stand out []. [Social proof is surrounding] yourself with great people, and having great customers who will talk about your product, [] who will vouch for it, matters. [] Do you have a name brand customer ? [] Advisors again [are] another thing. [] But if those advisors are actually doing real work and really bringing you customers and talking to investors on your behalf, that can really help.”  David Cohen, This Week in Startups, TWiST #323, Published Jan 22, 2013 @ 17-19 min. into interview by Jason Calacanis, TWIST host;