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What the greatest technology investors say about Team Building - Hiring Talent

Lessons from Flops

Bill Gross Founder and CEO business incubator Idealab   

“[] Though 35 of Idealab's companies have gone public or been acquired, 40 have failed, and Gross says he has learned many valuable lessons from the flops. Among them: It's crucial for company founders to assemble a strong team of complementary talents — not just engineers but socially fluent networkers, logistical wizards, big thinkers. "Where there was strong leadership that came with different points of view, but with mutual trust and respect," [Gross] said, "those companies succeeded more often — it's shocking to me that that is the highest correlation" with a start-up's success.”   Bill Gross,  LA Times article Bill Gross' many business ideas by David Sarno, July 8, 2012;