Team Building - Hiring Talent

What the greatest technology investors say about Team Building - Hiring Talent

Where & How to Find Great Talent

Fred Wilson venture capitalist  and Co-Founder Union Square Ventures

Wilson offers entrepreneurs suggestions on where to find strong talent:  “1) People [they] know and people [their] team knows.  This is [] often the most fruitful source of talent.  I know an entrepreneur who asks everyone he hires [], “who is the most talented person you have ever worked with and whom you would love to work with again?” [] 2) People [working] for [competitors]. [] 3) [Recently purchased companies]. [] 4) Other parts of the country and the world. []  5) Colleges. []  6) The big companies in [their] market. [] 7) [Their] investors.” An investor’s major job is recruiting talent.

Entrepreneurs “must work on [recruiting daily] and [think about it continuously].  [Entrepreneurs] need a strategy, a process, and a commitment to the [recruiting] process. It will bear fruit over time [].”  Fred Wilson  MBA Mondays: Where To Find Strong Talent, May 28, 2012;