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What the greatest technology investors say about Team Building - Hiring Talent


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Marc Andreessen:  Do Whatever is Required to get to Product/Market Fit

Marc Andreessen:  What Causes Success


Jeff Clavier:  Jeff Clavier: What I Look at When Investing

RON CONWAY (1 post)

Ron Conway: What Ron Conway Looks For in a Deal

BRAD FELD (1 post)

Brad Feld:  Brad Feld's Investment Criteria

BILL GROSS (2 posts)   

Bill Gross:  Lessons from Flops

Bill Gross:  Balance Entrepreneur's Strengths

ROB HAYES  (1 post)

Rob Hayes:  Red Flags: Signals Not to Invest  

 JOSH KOPELMAN  (2 posts)

Josh Kopelman:   Companies are Bought, not Sold

Josh Kopelman:  Invest in Teams that Adapt to Change

MIKE MAPLES JR.  (2 posts)

Mike Maples Jr.:  When a Team Meets a Market

Mike Maples Jr.:  Mike Maples Jr.: What I Look For


Basil Peters:   Basil Peters: What He Looks for in Successful Entrepreneurs


Naval Ravikant:  5 Main Qualities of an Exceptional Startup

MARK SUSTER  (1 post)

Mark Suster:   Early Stage Technology Investments Come Down to 4 'M's'

FRED WILSON  (11 posts)

Fred Wilson:  Sustainability by Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson:  Hire Slowly & Wisely, not Quickly

Fred Wilson:  What's the Magic

Fred Wilson:  What's the "Right" Monthly Burn Rate

Fred Wilson:  Building Product is about having the Right Team

Fred Wilson:  Management is Relevant when Building Usage

Fred Wilson:  Culture, Values & a Vow to a Great Workplace are Everything

Fred Wilson:  Where & How to Find Great Talent

Fred Wilson:  Fred Wilson: The CEO is responsible for hiring

Fred Wilson:  Fred Wilson: Hire for Culture & Fit

Fred Wilson:  Great VC’s Care Most About the Company