What the greatest technology investors say about Vision

What Drives Entrepreneurs

Jeffrey Bussgang  venture capitalist and General Partner Flybridge Capital Partners and former entrepreneur

 In describing what drives an entrepreneur, Bussgang says that “it comes down to an essential character trait []: the entrepreneurial itch. When you have it, you just have to scratch it.  You really can’t help yourself.

Being an entrepreneur may be something deep in the genes. []

Genetic or not, there are certain classic characteristics of the entrepreneur.  The most important of these are a certain kind of visionary optimism; tremendous confidence in oneself that can inspire confidence in others; huge passion for an idea or phenomenon that drives them forward; and a desire to change the game, so much so that it changes the world.”  Jeffrey Bussgang, book Mastering the VC Game –A Venture Capital Insider Reveals How to get from Start-up to IPO on your Terms. copyright 2010, pg 14